Makeup is my life. Ferrets are my love. Partying is my thing.

My little lady has neurological issues, her legs give out and has a hard time getting around :( please share and help me raise money so that I can get her a safer cage where she won’t fall and hurt herself. Any donation helps! Thank you!
I don’t normally remember my dreams..

However, last night I dreamed that I was a doctor hwo companion and I asked him to take me back in time to a x men movie set where I met Samuel L Jackson and we all took a selfie. My fiancé is jealous that I dream of doctor who. Whatever. Nerd.

Fuck New England

Foot of snow yesterday. And it’s fucking snowing again. I have the worst cabin fever. It’s like an anxiety feeling in my back. The need to be outside and not have to walk through crunchy (nails on a chalkboard) snow! I can’t take it anymore!!!!


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